Our goal is to make the ordinary things valuable leading to a better world.


We are trying to do our best since 1998. A long history means a lot of experience.


We are a Czech family company which gives you a guarantee of quality and reliability.


Only a highly skilled employees make a good company. We have 70 employees and still growing.


Our company meets following standards: ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 a EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011.

Electro division

Electrical engineer work (assembling, repairing and renovation of wiring), installation of cable sheaf Log Voltage, Measurement and Control and Automated Control System, including cable path, revision reports, light installation. We are able to suply all necessary material.

Steel structures

Manufacturing, assembling and dismantling of the steel structures.


Diagnostics, maintenance and assembling of technological units.


Acoustic measurements (environmental noise, Sound transmission loss, Reverberation time, SPL etc.) and acoustic studies (SEA, Prediction models, Nose maps, Room acoustics, Design of the anechoic chambers).


Technical measurements, modal analysis, vibrodiagnostics, mufflers, dumpers, silencers.


Subjective tests, psychoacoustics and all issues concerning the filed of acoustics and vibration.


Milan Rusz

CEO milan.rusz@barozener.cz

Roman Rusz

CEO, Head of acoustic division roman.rusz@barozener.cz

Martina Zavřelová

Asistent, HR martina.zavrelova@barozener.cz +420 736 160 701

Ing. Martin Morcinek

Head of engineering division martin.morcinek@barozener.cz +420 736 614 605

Ing. Pavel Poncar

Head of electro division pavel.poncar@barozener.cz +420 606 095 993

Ing. Petra Rusz

Economist petra.rusz@barozener.cz +420 775 943 061

Radim Zavřel

Project manager - maintenance radim.zavrel@barozener.cz +420 725 588 160

Miloš Kubičina

Project manager - manufacturing milos.kubicina@barozener.cz +420 606 096 211

Irena Gutková

Financial accountant irena.gutkova@barozener.cz +420 607 571 643

Alena Gniadková

Payroll acountant +420 724 243 290

Přemysl Baroň

Business manager premysl.baron@barozener.cz +420 736 614 600

Václav Jochymek

Contract manager - engineering division vaclav.jochymek@barozener.cz +420 605 537 916


Are you trying to find a job? Do you want certainty? We are still hiring welders, locksmiths and machinists.



Trusted by 1 companies.

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  • I like to cooperate with Baroz Ener because they are flexible and always satisfy our needs.

    Valdemar Branny, manufacturing manager Strojirny a stavby Trinec a.s.
  • The work is always done in time, professionally and in high quality.

    Karel Tyc, CEO MKS Moravia
  • If someone would need to know who you are, just tell them to call me and I will tell them you always did a great job.

    Svante Finnveden, Profesor KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
  • This is how the real work should be done.

    Lars Ekstrom, Vedoucí akustické divize Structor Akustik AB
  • 2 in 1 – Friends and professionals.

    Lukáš Tyc, CEO Hell Metal s.r.o.
  • Innovation, creativity and professionalism is what characterizes company Baroz Ener.

    Marek Pohl, iOS developer iDevBand s.r.o.
  • Baroz Ener guys have lot of experiences, especially in Acoustic and vibration.

    Jakub Cinkraut, R&D engineer Porsche Engineering Services s.r.o.


Baroz Ener, spol. s r.o.

Head office: Průmyslová 1024, 739 61 Třinec
Office: Míru 3, 739 61 Třinec
Workshop: Staré Město 857, 739 61, Třinec
ID: 25822942

Tel.: +420603107723
E-mail: info@barozener.cz